January 16, 2018

Tips for finding a divorce lawyer

There is a series of mistakes not to make when looking for a divorce lawyer. Contact Lawyer advises you to follow the various rules below to find a divorce lawyer:

  • Choose a divorce lawyer:  In divorce matters, not all lawyers are equal. So always choose a divorce lawyer long Island i.e. a lawyer specializing in family law, and if possible specialized in divorce and matrimonial regimes.
  • Do not involve your loved ones: Even if your best friend is a family law lawyer, do not involve him! If you know your lawyer personally, this could have repercussions on the file, or even ruin your friendship. Opt for an objective and detached lawyer from your personal stories.
  • Trust Word of Mouth: Finding a knowledgeable lawyer can help by trusting word-of-mouth. A parent, a colleague, a friend, recently divorced? Ask him if he can recommend his lawyer. If a friend recommends a lawyer who has helped him with any other legal problem, do not listen to him. It is absolutely necessary to contact a lawyer specialized in divorce, pledge of competence in this field.
  • Be aware of divorce lawyer rates: A divorce process necessarily has a cost. Do not go into a procedure if you are not aware of your lawyer’s fees. The latter must communicate them to you clearly at the first meeting. If he does not, or seems to be avoiding the tariff issue, feel free to choose another divorce lawyer.
  • Feel free to change your lawyer: Choosing a divorce lawyer is not a lifetime commitment. You will necessarily have to contact a lawyer for a first interview. If this first interview did not convince you (lawyer hesitant, unresponsive or unable to explain clearly the divorce procedures), do not hesitate to contact a new one! Better to be sure of the quality of your divorce lawyer before starting any procedure.
  • Check the availability of your divorce lawyer: It is essential that your divorce lawyer be reachable when you need it. Of course, no lawyer will provide you with a hotline to answer all your little concerns, but your lawyer must be available, and able to make an appointment (telephone or not) within 48 hours after you have asked him. If your lawyer is unreachable or impossible to contact, change it!
  • Choose a lawyer with whom the flow goes: Relations between client and lawyer must be cordial. Clients often trust a lawyer, even if they are uncomfortable, because they do not know family law and therefore feel helpless. If your divorce lawyer seems pedantic, unreachable, inattentive to your problems or incomprehensible, run away! You must feel comfortable with your lawyer, and he or she must make sure that you understand each step of the divorce.
  • Opting for one or two lawyers: If your divorce is conflictual, we advise you to choose a divorce lawyer different from that of your spouse. In the event of a divorce by mutual consent, and if your relationship has remained cordial with your spouse, you may consider taking the same lawyer, which may simplify the proceedings. Know who pays the lawyer when choosing a common lawyer will be established by the spouses in the divorce agreement.


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