February 20, 2018

Reforms in Law Enforcement

There are drastic reforms in modern law enforcement and we would like to consider them in this article.

Reforms and Emerging Issues in Modern Law Enforcement

Law enforcement is a very crucial component of society. The primary role of the rule of law is to facilitate and ensure public order. In the 21st century, security and safety of the public represent aspects of the law that have been evolving rapidly. The manner in which members of the society and the police interacted has changed over the years. This change could be attributed to the advancements in technology, which have facilitated the way law enforcers carry out their duties in ensuring public safety. The relationship between the community and police officers has been improving. Over the last two years, statistics show that some areas in the field of law enforcement have witnessed drastic reforms. This article is a discussion about the reforms and emerging issues related to law enforcement in the United States today. It is evident that the reforms have positively impacted the lives of the American people.

Some of the areas in the field of security and law enforcement that have witnessed these reforms include; leadership, technology, culture, policing, and framework. Accompanying the reforms are several emerging issues that seem to impact the role of the law positively. Among the trends that are shaping and changing the field of law enforcement are been discussed below. But if you feel that this information is not sufficient for your academic paper and you want to get more profound research, apply to https://essaytwist.com right now.

  • Response of the police to minor crime activities

Most security departments have launched online platforms for reporting and changing the way police respond to crimes. If police officers spend more time to respond to minor issues such as thefts, then they would also have less time to neutralize a threat or crime effectively. On the other hand, when they rush to crime scenes where fast response is not necessary, they end up wasting time and resources. With society positively adopting and adapting to the use of online platforms for communication purposes, the manner of response to crimes is also bound to change similarly. If a theft happened hours ago before being reported, then the immediate response might not be necessary.

  • Rising levels of oversight and accountability in police departments

Owing to the current issues concerning security in America, the law enforcement bodies are facing public and media scrutiny. There is a probability of a rise in police oversight as the media and public monitor for any signs, which might show police officers infringing on the constitutional rights of the people in the future. The police force is under scrutiny for the use of excessive and inappropriate force or showing biases in the manner, they treat certain groups of people.

Surrounded by a hungry and ferocious media, police officers are likely to be easily held accountable for their actions. This accountability in the force is attributed to the advent of devices to capture videos such as mobile phones and body cameras.

  • Organizational frameworks and leadership changes

The law enforcement body in the U.S. is rapidly absorbing a new generation. Several positions of leadership are opening up, as baby boomers go into retirement. However, there are two reasons as to why there are no sufficient personnel to fill these empty positions. Firstly, it may be due to the unavailability of competent people in the current force. Secondly, it may be due to the unwanted responsibilities tied to the leadership positions. Moreover, the bureaucratic management of the police and security forces is gradually eroding away. In a few years time, the alterations of the framework and substantial policy are expected to change the face of the law enforcement community.

  • Use of technology in security issues

The advent of modern technology has made easier for security and police force to ensure the safety of the public, allowed saving on operational costs, given birth to a new era of transparency, and enabled proactive and community policing. The online platforms and community are significantly contributing to public safety.

The social media/platforms, facial recognition devices/software, body cams, GPS tracking devices, and predictive policing are some of the technology related elements that have changed the face of police and other security forces in the country.

  • Involvement of the society in community policing

One primary concern of the law enforcement bodies is the relationship they have with the society. For many decades, there has been a rift characterized with distrust and disharmonized relationship between the police force and members of the public. However, this trend has significantly changed over the last few years. The police force has realized the importance of involving the society in community policing. The police force has been working towards creating a friendly relationship with the community. The discoverpolicing.org (2017) claims that community policing is made up of three elements. These components include; implementation of community policing organizational frameworks, engaging the public in problem-solving initiatives, and developing partnerships with the community. In return, the society has responded by working with the law enforcement bodies to ensure their security, through reporting and being their neighbor’s keeper.

In conclusion, these emerging issues and trends are playing a major role in improving public safety and security. Each of the trends mentioned above is a component of the bigger picture in promoting and ensuring law and order in the country. It is also happening in other countries other than America. However, with the new technology, it is prudent that the law enforcement community becomes aware of the expected rise in technology related crimes. As better tools for fighting crimes are developed, more organized crimes that are complex are being conducted every day. For instance, hackers are currently stealing huge sums of cash from banks and financial firms. Therefore, the security force should also come up with ways to counteract such crimes.

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