January 16, 2018

Understanding Personal Injury

The injury inflicted to the person of an individual and not his property or reputation is known as personal injury. It is a legal term, and any person inflicted with this kind of injury at any place is eligible to file a lawsuit against the person or persons responsible for doing so. But one criterion that must be kept in mind before going ahead with this type of lawsuit is to ensure that the injury inflicted was intentional.

The Law Offices of Jeffrey Glassman are the best in dealing with cases such as these. They cater to every individual with the grievance of a personal injury. Now the term personal injury encompasses a whole range of injuries inflicted in various ways, by various people and in various situations. It is hence not an easy task to carry out things by yourself, which is why you need to take the advice of experienced lawyers such as the group of lawyers at this law firm.

There are basically two facets to any personal injury claim – the liabilities and the damages. That is to say what the claims of the plaintiff are and whether or not the defendant is able to meet these liabilities. The case if filed by the plaintiff who alleges that someone has caused an injury upon him/her and that too intentionally.

Car accidents slip and fall, dog bite by pet dogs, defamation such as slander, medical malpractice, and assault are some of the different types of personal injury. These cases of personal injury in particular need the intervention of an attorney because it becomes rather difficult to find witnesses and prove the negligence of the “doer” of the act.

It is the attorney who is capable of putting the case in the court in a straight forward manner and will offer free consultation. They are the ones who will be able to tell you properly whether or not you stand a chance of receiving any compensation. Added to this the lawyer also helps the victim recover the money from insurance companies.

All you have to do is find the right kind of attorney for yourself, someone as capable as Jeffrey Glassman, and then provide him with the details of the accident, for instance, the date, time and location of the accident. Along with this you have to give him a clear picture of what actually happened and how and if there were any witnesses present there. The details of the witness that includes the address and other contact too need to be provided.

The medical treatments, if any that were administrated to you, proof of all the loss that are incurred by you, information about existent insurance policies not just for health but also for legal assistance, and also if you have had similar history in the past and details as to how it was handled.

There may also arise situations when both parties involved in the case are ready for an out of the court settlement. This too involves a solicitor and everything agreed to with the solicitor need to be put down in black and white, so that all are clear about what actions will be taken.