January 16, 2018

The Advantages of Posting Bail Bonds

Getting arrested and being sent to jail is a nightmare and you never want to see it happen in real life. But, life is unpredictable and you end up in a situation that leads you right to prison. Obviously, disaster is in the air and you are already dreading how you will spend the time and what you can do to make it better. After all, you have a normal life and there are things to be done and you may also have your family to worry about. This is where bail bonds help. A bail bond enables you to get out of jail and be able to go about your life until your court date arrives.

These bail bonds can be posted by your loved ones by using your finances or their own, if they have the money. If they don’t, a bail bondsman can be hired to do so. Yes, it means you have to pay 10 to 15 percent of your bail amount to someone immediately and the rest of your bail amount later on, but sitting in jail is no fun and posting bail bonds can offer you various advantages. What are they? Read on to know more.

Advantage 1: Jail is not free- bail bonds save money

Sitting in jail is not exactly a cakewalk and it is definitely not cheap. You have to figure out a way to pay for your shirts, underwear, soaps, deodorant and any food other than the two to three meals you are served on a daily basis. Also, you have to pay for collect phone calls and they are more expensive than regular calls. Hence, Waterbury bail bonds may sound like a good idea.

Advantage 2: Jail means you cannot work-bail bonds let you work

You are going to lose a lot of your earnings if you are sitting in jail. Is this really how you want to spend the vacation days you were saving up on? Moreover, there is plenty of competition out there for jobs and your absence may mean that someone else is hired in your position. Not only will you waste your time sitting in jail, but you will end up jobless. This is another reason why it is in your best interest to opt for bail bonds so you can go back to work and continue earning, especially if your offense is minor or just a misunderstanding.

Advantage 3: Jail houses all criminals- bail bonds keep you safe

Even if you were just arrested for driving under the influence, you will be put in jail with other criminals, some of whom have committed violent crimes. Rapists, murders, people who didn’t pay their parking tickets and shoplifters all wait in jail before their trial so it is not exactly a safe place for you to be. Posting bail bonds gets you out of there and safe at home.

Waterbury bail bonds give you the freedom you need to prepare for your appearance in court and let you live in peace in the meanwhile.