February 20, 2018


Looking for the best family lawyer in Sydney for your case? Check out the list of the top four specialists currently in the country.

Norton Law Group

If you want to find an expert solicitor for your case, that doesn’t only family law but is a specialist in the particular case you have at hand, then Norton Law Group is where you want to be. Your first consultation with this firm is free. And not only that, each lawyer here focuses on a particular area of family law which means each lawyer is assigned to a particular case as long as it is in his domain. So, the same lawyer cannot handle child custody and estate planning.

Norton is a pretty big law practice, so you can expect to find any kind of family lawyer you are looking for.

Ben Sullivan

When it comes to choosing one of the best family lawyers around, the firm established by Ben Sullivan should be on your top list. Ben’s reputation and incredible record as an expert family lawyer is without doubts his greatest assets and you can also expect such from the lawyers his working with.

Ben is well known not only in Sydney but in the whole country. And he ranks with the top performing family law experts in the country. Thanks to his background, Ben possesses a deep understanding of finance and commerce which makes him the perfect candidate for family cases with complicated finance. So whether it’s a divorce case, child custody or any other family conflict you’ve got there, you can expect to get what you deserve by working with a lawyer like Ben.

Lawyer Plus

Lawyers Plus is a specialty law firm that handles family law cases involving divorce or estate planning. So, if you case is related to any of these, then you might want to try your luck with them. Whilst an experienced firm, Lawyers Plus is a pretty small practice which makes them desirable to work with. This is because it is easier to familiarize yourself with the lawyers. Their good track record makes them the perfect choice for divorce cases. For each case, the firm assigns one of its three senior members depending on their experience and understanding of the case.

Armstrong Legal

Without doubts, Armstrong Legal holds a very vital position among the key players of the law industry in Sydney. And as a large firm, they can handle virtually every case in family lawyer. Their lawyers are specialized, which means, you will get the particular lawyer for your case base on their experience and understanding of your case. They firm always seek to assign the best lawyer that will represent you well in court and help you get a desired outcome. So, whether it’s a child custody case or one that involves separation, you will find the perfect solicitor here.

This list of family lawyers in Sydney may help you when you are going through the painful process of separation, child custody and other serious family legal matters.