Personal Injury Compensation Claims

The court will inform you your hearing’s date, and you will be told by your attorney. Once we speak or discuss personal harm we segregate it in a variety of ways, lawfully. There are injuries to injury and so forth. However, what we do miss out on certain events is to note that the truth that is significant that all the harms and all is personal in character.

There are numerous sorts of personal traumas and an equivalent number of motives that cause them. The silver lining that a civilized and modern society could provide to a casualty of an accident is security and that the comfort of a payment case.

Road Accident Injury – Pedestrians and auto drivers are confronted with regular odds of being captured in a collision on the street. Accidents or automobile crashes can cause personal injury compensation.

But if your attorney acts for you beneath a ‘no-win, no-fee’ arrangement you’ll be able to pay the attorney’s ‘success fee’ because this isn’t recoverable from another side (the suspect).

Criminal Injury you might be a victim of criminal attack on you in a public location or some other location in a nation.  The notion of going to court could be daunting, but it’s crucial not to forget that by this point your attorney will have ready your situation in detail and will have explained to you just what to expect. It’s only a matter of finding out whether you’ve won and have been given what you claimed and waiting to listen to that the ruling.

Army Injury Defense employees and officers confront harms both during times of warfare in addition to peace times. These close accidents and accidents may result from numerous reasons during battle and training.

Medical Injuries There are instances when patients can face additional complications as well as fatality because of medical negligence.

There are lots of choices available to be certain you could pay your costs if this occurs. Your attorney will explain you the choices and advise whether you might need to pay any of the hand or your attorney’s costs.

Oftentimes, someone else is to blame and the injury victims have the right. Though personal injury law is very complex, with the support of a personal injury attorney the practice of building a claim can be very straightforward. Solicitors will have the ability to let you know in case you’ve got a claim and offer a free initial consultation. An attorney will be to make certain that your situation is considered.



They’re inflicted upon someone who faces the impacts for exactly the exact same in his own life from that moment onwards. The consequences are the same although the reason might have been one of many.

Charges may vary between attorneys in line with the complexity of your situation, the process of financing as well as the expertise of the attorney. Before you select which one to use, you may choose to compare the costs of companies that are unique.

There isn’t any way that man or some additional power can deliver back what’s been removed or the pain that’s been caused. However, the claims are a means of obtaining them can restore confidence and faith of the brain and seeking justice.

Reforms in Law Enforcement

There are drastic reforms in modern law enforcement and we would like to consider them in this article.

Reforms and Emerging Issues in Modern Law Enforcement

Law enforcement is a very crucial component of society. The primary role of the rule of law is to facilitate and ensure public order. In the 21st century, security and safety of the public represent aspects of the law that have been evolving rapidly. The manner in which members of the society and the police interacted has changed over the years. This change could be attributed to the advancements in technology, which have facilitated the way law enforcers carry out their duties in ensuring public safety. The relationship between the community and police officers has been improving. Over the last two years, statistics show that some areas in the field of law enforcement have witnessed drastic reforms. This article is a discussion about the reforms and emerging issues related to law enforcement in the United States today. It is evident that the reforms have positively impacted the lives of the American people.

Some of the areas in the field of security and law enforcement that have witnessed these reforms include; leadership, technology, culture, policing, and framework. Accompanying the reforms are several emerging issues that seem to impact the role of the law positively. Among the trends that are shaping and changing the field of law enforcement are been discussed below. But if you feel that this information is not sufficient for your academic paper and you want to get more profound research, apply to right now.

  • Response of the police to minor crime activities

Most security departments have launched online platforms for reporting and changing the way police respond to crimes. If police officers spend more time to respond to minor issues such as thefts, then they would also have less time to neutralize a threat or crime effectively. On the other hand, when they rush to crime scenes where fast response is not necessary, they end up wasting time and resources. With society positively adopting and adapting to the use of online platforms for communication purposes, the manner of response to crimes is also bound to change similarly. If a theft happened hours ago before being reported, then the immediate response might not be necessary.

  • Rising levels of oversight and accountability in police departments

Owing to the current issues concerning security in America, the law enforcement bodies are facing public and media scrutiny. There is a probability of a rise in police oversight as the media and public monitor for any signs, which might show police officers infringing on the constitutional rights of the people in the future. The police force is under scrutiny for the use of excessive and inappropriate force or showing biases in the manner, they treat certain groups of people.

Surrounded by a hungry and ferocious media, police officers are likely to be easily held accountable for their actions. This accountability in the force is attributed to the advent of devices to capture videos such as mobile phones and body cameras.

  • Organizational frameworks and leadership changes

The law enforcement body in the U.S. is rapidly absorbing a new generation. Several positions of leadership are opening up, as baby boomers go into retirement. However, there are two reasons as to why there are no sufficient personnel to fill these empty positions. Firstly, it may be due to the unavailability of competent people in the current force. Secondly, it may be due to the unwanted responsibilities tied to the leadership positions. Moreover, the bureaucratic management of the police and security forces is gradually eroding away. In a few years time, the alterations of the framework and substantial policy are expected to change the face of the law enforcement community.

  • Use of technology in security issues

The advent of modern technology has made easier for security and police force to ensure the safety of the public, allowed saving on operational costs, given birth to a new era of transparency, and enabled proactive and community policing. The online platforms and community are significantly contributing to public safety.

The social media/platforms, facial recognition devices/software, body cams, GPS tracking devices, and predictive policing are some of the technology related elements that have changed the face of police and other security forces in the country.

  • Involvement of the society in community policing

One primary concern of the law enforcement bodies is the relationship they have with the society. For many decades, there has been a rift characterized with distrust and disharmonized relationship between the police force and members of the public. However, this trend has significantly changed over the last few years. The police force has realized the importance of involving the society in community policing. The police force has been working towards creating a friendly relationship with the community. The (2017) claims that community policing is made up of three elements. These components include; implementation of community policing organizational frameworks, engaging the public in problem-solving initiatives, and developing partnerships with the community. In return, the society has responded by working with the law enforcement bodies to ensure their security, through reporting and being their neighbor’s keeper.

In conclusion, these emerging issues and trends are playing a major role in improving public safety and security. Each of the trends mentioned above is a component of the bigger picture in promoting and ensuring law and order in the country. It is also happening in other countries other than America. However, with the new technology, it is prudent that the law enforcement community becomes aware of the expected rise in technology related crimes. As better tools for fighting crimes are developed, more organized crimes that are complex are being conducted every day. For instance, hackers are currently stealing huge sums of cash from banks and financial firms. Therefore, the security force should also come up with ways to counteract such crimes.

Opportunities with regard to Gaining a good Online Training in Regulation

Are you seeking to gain the training needed in order to pursue an effective career within law, but do not have the time for you to complete a conventional education plan. There tend to be numerous options open to you through certified online colleges and schools. You get the chance to gain the abilities you have to enter to the law career you would like, by finishing online training in the comfort of your home. Not every training could be completed online plus some online regulation programs aren’t accredited. Studies could be completed within specialized regions of study and permit you to choose the amount of training you want to receive.

Training for any career within law will need considerable time and commitment, as applications typically require lots of concentration as well as effort. You can have the knowledge you have to work in several positions by signing up for an certified online degree training course. Education can be obtained at the actual Juris Physician, Master associated with Laws, as well as Doctor associated with Juridical Technology levels. You are able to prepare through completing just about all required coursework and choosing the career you heard right for a person.

Juris Physician

Online training for any degree of the level can need you to complete 4 years associated with educational research. You can get ready for a profession by learning courses such as contracts, municipal procedure, lawful method, proof, property regulation, taxation, plus much more. Receiving abilities in places like these types of will prepare you to definitely seek use private regulation offices, courthouses, and much more. When you decide to obtain the Juris Doctor you’ll have the opportunity to enter the actual workforce or even further your own education in a higher degree.

Master associated with Laws

Enrollment within an online Grasp of Laws and regulations degree plan, you can get to invest approximately 1 additional 12 months on instruction. Studies covers various subjects that provides you with the skills to find employment following graduation. Course topics may contain studying marketing communications, criminal regulation, litigation, taxes law, work law, plus much more. Training within these places will prepare you to definitely seek the actual employment you really miss working with a number of professionals within the legal area. Further education can be acquired by signing up for a advanced schooling program.

Physician of Juridical Technology

When going after an education in the Doctor associated with Juridical Technology level, you may complete just about all required learning less than two in order to five many years. Training includes the study of numerous topics for example accounting, lawful research, regulation office administration, dispute quality, and many other related topics. The chance to gain a good online education can be obtained through a number of educational applications. You can sign up for the plan that fits your own needs as well as goals to begin the road to an thrilling new profession.

Understanding Folk Law: How Attorneys Might help

If you are a senior today, you realize how complicated things could possibly get when you encounter a lawful problem. You might need help knowing the complexities from the social protection system or you might have run in to age splendour because you are over 65. Regardless of the reason, you’ll find expert guidance by consulting an expert in laws and regulations affecting seniors.

The phrase “elder law” was initially coined within the late 90’s to explain any type of law regarding senior people and their legalities. This can sometimes include health treatment, competency, grow older discrimination, property planning, interpersonal security, survivors’ benefits and several other subjects that straight affect anyone who’s past retirement. If you’re over 65 and also have questions about these issues, make sure to consult by having an attorney skilled in folk law. Chicago comes with an increasingly gray population, along with over 280, 000 adults older than 65 inside the city limitations.

The Development of Folk Law: Chi town Is Graying

Chicago’s seniors population keeps growing quickly, just enjoy it is developing throughout america. Nearly 12% from the population has ended age 65, as well as by 2050, there is going to be over thirty six million seniors in the usa. It’s this particular astronomical growth which has contributed towards the need with regard to experienced property attorneys and senior focused lawsuit attorneys. Whether you are looking at setting upward an estate to be able to leave something for the children following your passing away or a person suspect you’ve been discriminated against due to your grow older, you should talk to an folk law lawsuit attorney. They might guide a person through each and every phase associated with planning or even legal motion necessary.

The getting older of The united states has contributed towards the growth of the legal market. With increasing numbers of people living lengthier lives, there’s been an improve in issues with obtaining interpersonal security advantages, processing Medicare insurance claims, and a rise in the amount of senior citizens who’re cheated by rip-off designers. The correct litigation lawyer, Chicago based or else, can assist you to preserve your own dignity whilst fighting back again against people or groups and also require taken benefit of you. Estate attorneys will help you plan for future years in order to make sure you have the money available with regard to enjoying existence today with a cushioning for the next day.

The Intricacy Of Folk Law: Chi town Attorneys Put on Many Caps

Law companies didn’t usually distinguish in between other, more general regions of law as well as elder regulation. Chicago lawyers were a few of the earliest to determine practices addressing the requirements of seniors.

It’s unusual for any specific niche within the legal profession to become defined much more by the kind of client compared to by the kind of law becoming practiced. For example, some attorneys focus on criminal regulation, others within tax regulation or loved ones law. Elder law differs because the actual attorney isn’t concentrating on any one kind of law; instead he’s focusing on a single type associated with client — the senior.

If you are looking at learning much more about folk law, Chicago lawyers can assist. You do not necessarily require a litigation lawyer; Chicago offers many lawyers who handle from drawing upward a may to assisting clients protect their property or choose a suitable individual with regard to power associated with attorney. If you are over 65, you will find that dealing with an folk law professional is comforting and effective. You won’t need to switch through attorney in order to attorney because your lawful needs alter because your own lawyer will be your estate lawyer, litigation lawyer, and loved ones court lawyer.

It’s this excellent diversity associated with knowledge which makes an folk law expert the perfect attorney for all of your legal requirements after grow older 65.

The ecciential elements for phd thesis writing

Numerous students are eager to enter the biog professional careers after completing PhD but an obstruction that stops their way is Dissertation writing. PhD Dissertation writing is a bitter beverage that has to be drunk by each and each and every student to step into the professional career following Doctor of philosophy. When the students are determined to write PhD Dissertation; they constantly have doubts if they will able to finish their Dissertation on time or they will miss the deadline and their concerns keep growing in number. All these concerns are turning to be able to be nightmare for a PhD student. So for anyone students, here is a guiding principle for accomplishing the task within their capabilities and the first is about topic options.

How To Choose PhD Dissertation Topics?

So the first step is about the Dissertation topic selection and the topics has to be of the interest as well as unique and the one about which you feel confident to write. You can collect a list of topics within your field and narrow down to be able to discover an accurate one and you will should broaden your research while selecting a topic. Would you topic selection is a critical process for you PhD degree as it will decide how long you will require in completing the writing process.

How To Write PhD Dissertation Proposal?

Proposal is a writing task that is assigned by the Dissertation committee prior to Get Dissertation Proposal Help process to analyse the research and writing skills from the student and how uniquely he/she can produce an investigation. You can collect proposal sample papers to get an explicit idea of formation and process of proposal creation.

How To Carry Out Research Process?

The main part of your assignment is research techniques. You need to perform both the qualitative and the qualitative research. Be cautious with the reliability and authenticity belonging to the sources of research you exploit. You are presupposed to gather enough quantity of info to come up that’s not a problem required word count. Also collect the reports of past theories presented by various researchers within location of study as an enquiry collection.

How To Format Your PhD Paper?

First of all, you need compose a title page that includes name and institutes name followed by abstract and table of contents. Now initiate with your wiring process by presenting an appealing evolution. It must discuss the ground history of the best PhD Dissertation chosen issue. In the main body of project, do discussions and provide solutions to uncertainties. Conclude your papers in any way by presenting a quality conclusions. List all the references and write abstract of your complete papers.

How To You could make your Paper Of Superior quality?

Finally proofread your completely written papers and do all the modifications produce your papers error-free. The easiest way to give your papers an expert look for you to get your Dissertation proofread by a knowledgable editor. A competent editor of custom Dissertation writing can help you to raise the quality and assist you with some of the writing part. Can easily also take PhD Dissertation samples to keep yourself updated of precise format of the required citation style.

What You Need to Know about Canada’s Record Suspension Waiting Period

Human beings aren’t flawless creatures.We are bound to make mistakes at some point or another. These mistakes vary in the degree of damage they can cause, and the extent of the aftermath. Some mistakes take a toll on our own well being, some may harm others along with you, and some mistakes can get you taken into custody. If we were to make a list of every wrong move, mistake and presence in the wrong place at the wrong time for any individual, do you think it would be an accurate representation of the person? Mistakes shouldn’t be held on to any individual like a scar that won’t ever go away, shunning the person from society as an act of social exile. People are capable of change.


This ideology is the rightful reason whyrecord suspension systems exist. It carries out the justified process of having the person at fault pay his debts to society in order to get his old life back. However, it isn’t that easy to acquire one. After a particular span of time, a person becomes eligible for record suspension. Here are some details you should know about the entire procedure of getting a record suspension:

How much time does one have to serve to apply for record suspension?

There is no standard time period that all prisoners have to serve. Cases vary according to the criminal offenses that were committed. The first priority for the person should be to serve the required amount of time for their particular case. This includes not only the sentence time that they need to serve, but also any additional fines that are to be paid along with post jail probation periods that need to be fulfilled.

How much jail time for the crime?

There are two types of offenses that record suspension can be applied on: summary, and indictable. Summary offenses are minor offenses that don’t usually require a jury in court. These include crimes like possessing less than 30 grams of cannabis, using prostitution, DUIs, and criminal harassment. Summary offenses have relatively shorter imprisonment and lower fines.

Indictable offenses are more on the felony side. They include theft over $5000, fraud over $5000, weapon’s assault and manslaughter. Unlike summary offenses, the jury has to be present in court and the jail time along with fines is prolonged and much harsher.

Applying for record suspension

Before 2012, summary offenses required a waiting period of three years to be eligible to apply for record suspension, and 5 years if it was an indictable offense. Now even people with summary offenses need to wait out five years. Whereas, the ones with indictable crimes need to wait ten years before they go for a record suspension. From the acceptance of the record suspension application to the result, the time period for summary offenses is usually under six months, and that of indictable offense can take about one whole year.

In case the person under review is charged with additional new criminal charges or arrests, this time waiting can drastically increase, and you will have to wait the whole period all over again. A record suspension can even be denied, if you’re charged with new offenses during the application process.

Source: National Pardon

Hire the right estate planning attorney to avoid end-of-life issues

Problems are very common in the human life but when it goes out of our control we must go for the additional support to overcome those issues. Here, the legal issues will come into that category and hire the best attorney will be the best option to meet up your requirements legally. Sometimes, you will be in the need of taking the legal actions early in order to avoid the last time confusion. Here, estate planning or will problem has to be taken care by taking the right action in order to protect your family and yourself. In such cases, many of the people are facing more end- of-life issues and complexities that your family should meet up with after you passed away. If you are not made a prior plan then you will face some losses according your assets and result in the unwanted outcomes. In order to avoid such problems, you can hire the right attorney to handle these types of issues. There are many law firms are available to hit in order to hire the professional attorney but you must go for the reputed source like Barr and young attorneys source. From this source, you can hire the best estate planning attorney san Francisco. So, get into this source and make your estate planning work with quality service.

Reasons for hiring the estate planning attorney

If your problem is in the situation of handling legally, hiring the right attorney will be the best option for you to get the expected result in your problem. Here, estate planning problem is one of the serious issue which has to be handled by the legal advisor in order to avoid the end-of-life issues and confusion. Here the main reasons for hiring the estate planning attorney are given below. If you want to know those reasons, take a look at the below mentioned points.

  • The main reason for hiring the estate planning attorney is protecting your asset. Your saving is your life so that you have to consider keeping your wealth safe.
  • In this process of saving your wealth, you have to take to your attorney in order to find the best asset protection tool to save your money and asset from being lost.
  • People are hiring the professional estate planning attorney who can manage and help you to prepare for your estate issues which arises at the end of your life. Through this person, the problem of will and estate planning will be gently managed by the professional lawyer.
  • The estate planning attorneys are hired in order to help you in planning to leave the legacy.

These are the main reasons for hiring the estate planning attorneys.

Where to hire the attorney?

If you are in the need of hiring the right and professional lawyer to manage your estate planning issues then here is the source which is called as Barr and young attorney source online. From this source you can hire the best and professional estate planning attorney san Francisco. So, get into this source and hire the professional lawyer for your problem.

Hire Experienced Private Investigator To Solve Your Complicated Case

Private investigators are the experts who have some set of professional skills and knowledge to perform an extensive range of tasks for both the businesses as well as individuals. They help people who are seeking to solve their case but in the requirement of assistant from any outsider. They not only come with expert skills to solve different cases, but they also portray the logic of compassion and empathy to their customers.  It is wise to hire the fully insured, licensed and bonded company because it only delivers the guaranteed and reliable results.  The private investigators are educated experts who come from criminal justice or law backgrounds. They also have a greater level of experience and expertise in this field. It brings the finest theoretical knowledge for both understanding logistics and solving cases.  They also have excellent access to an excellent range of resources and tools. These are essential resources that help them to solve different types of cases properly.

Vital aspects to consider

There are many companies offer private investigation services, but few only bring you reliable services. For hiring the right company, you need to consider some vital aspects, including certification, qualification, experience, service quality and professionalism. These are significant points that not only ease the finding, but it also lets you hire the right expert like private investigator Toronto.   The family-operated and owned private investigative firm involve active with all cases to ensure the optimal results.  They are skilled experts who offer an excellent range of services with complete confidentiality guarantee. It includes cheating spouses, pre-marital background checks, private investigations, missing persons, child custody investigations, surveillance services and much more.  These are highly essential services that help you to get a peaceful mind.

 Need for hiring private investigators

The private investigators are professional who can increase the protection of your family. The private investigators ensure that your protection is prioritized. They will suggest you lots of useful guidelines that help you to avoid many dangers. Additionally, the private investigators also carry out many essential checks for their clients. There is no method or technique of knowing all the trusts without the assistance of a professional.  It is beneficial to note that the private investigators offer the fast solutions for people who want to solve their case as soon as possible.

  • Get efficient services

The private investigation firm provides various types of useful services that help you to get numerous benefits.  An official website is a right place where you can discover the vast collection of services provided by the private investigator Toronto.

  • Premarital Background Checks

Everyone knows that wedding is a lasting commitment.  Checking the background is a sensible and useful approach to consider.  For ensuring that this union truly lasts, you need to reduce the potential issues right from the beginning. The premarital background examination only satisfies that the inquisitive nature as well as place the doubts to fully rest. The private investigators are professionals who perform background checks for you and deliver you the most reliable results.

  • Surveillance services

The surveillance investigators own a sufficient law enforcement skills and background. Along with this, they also have a great range of expertise in the latest surveillance techniques for ensuring that the complex cases are finished successfully.

  • Youngster Custody Investigation

Child custody is one of the most difficult problems to resolve. The private investigators are experts who have the capability to solve all kinds of issues in an outstanding manner.

For collection further information about the private investigator Toronto, you can immediately visit the authorized portal where can see the great collection of private investigation solutions.

Essential Things to Consider while choosing a Lawyer

Many of us are usually confused while choosing the perfect lawyer that can be fruitful for your legal needs, and we are unable to figure out that how we can choose the right one. Numerous people often ignore the fact that choosing a renowned lawyer with adequate experience in the domain has better chances of taking the legal decision in your favor. Here we’ll discuss the importance of a prominent law firm, and what things you need to consider before hiring a lawyer.

Consider a Specialist

People usually prefer a lawyer by their overall experience or via a reference. It is necessarily important to choose the one having the expertise in the same domain for which you need to hire a lawyer. For example, if you are seeking a renowned lawyer for a legal action against the custody of a child, you must consider a law firm is having adequate experience in handling child custody cases. Although you can also consider an experienced professional for the same, but the chances are that the lawyer with the experience in the same field will deliver better results.

The Overall Experience

Another important thing that needs to be considered is the overall experience of the law firm in handling the cases. There are several lawyers available that may promise you desired results in your favor, but may eventually end up with poor performance on the court. You can consider Miami family law firms are having adequate experience in handling legal issues. Furthermore, you can easily find a renowned law firm by exploring the internet. There are numerous law firms that offer prominent services, and you can browse their website for better information about their work and experience.

Discuss with your Acquaintance


You can easily choose a reliable law firm by seeking help from your friends and family as they might have a better idea of prominent service providers. You must choose a person on whom you can trust and believe that they would provide the adequate information regarding the matter. Furthermore, choosing a trustworthy service provider will not only help you in your legal proceedings but will also ensure that you get the best advice in your matter.  It is a common thing that people usually ignore the suggestions from their acquaintance. You can consider a good advice from your relatives and friends. Furthermore, you can also consider Marcus Legal lawyers that offer the best in class services for all your legal needs.

Check for the Reviews

It is always a good option to check for the reviews for a particular law firm. It is necessarily important to get a proper idea regarding the lawyer and their overall expertise in the same domain. It has been seen that people usually do not check for the reviews on the internet. Checking for the ratings and genuine reviews can eventually help you in selecting the best lawyer that can help you in your legal proceedings.


One must precisely choose a lawyer or a law firm for the assuring proper guidance in your matter. You can explore the internet to find a prominent service provider.



Knowing Everything about Child Custody – a Difficult Decision

Child Custody is an important and integral part of divorce, though the legal procedure Divorce apparently looks to be a case involving a couple, but the worst affected in such a case is the child or children (if there are any).  Facing a divorce is perhaps, one of the most difficult situations of one’s life, but when situations become unfavorable the couples are left with no other choice but to file a case of divorce seeking the help of able lawyers from firms such as the Marrison Family Law.

This law firm has been rendering help to the residents of Colorado Springs for the past 25 years during the darkest times of their lives, when they faced their divorce. The experienced lawyers of this firm are aware that even under the best circumstances a divorce is not something that can be easily got through, because family is a central thing for most people. The lawyers are well aware of what their client is going through and this is what helps them in establishing a strong divorce case.

The custody of a child can be taken in three forms; the first is the solo custody in which the judge decides that the best thing for the involved child would be to live with one parent. Normally a judge does not decide who will get the custody of a child unless there is some very compelling reason to do so. The reasons could be an addiction of drugs of one of the parent, being abusive towards the child, etc.

The second form of custody is the joint custody; in this both the parents share the physical custody of the child. This means that the child stays lives with one parent during the summer and the weekends and other holidays are shared.

Finally, is the primary residential custody; in this form, custody of the child is awarded to one parent while the other parent has visitation rights. A particular visitation schedule is drawn and it is this schedule that the visiting parent has to follow. All this can be learnt at the firms who specialize in this for instance, Marrison Family Law.

The issue of custody is a very grave one and hence takes time to analyze and come to a decision. The age, routines, preferences are some of the factors that are taken into consideration while taking this decision. Preference refers to the choice of the child as to with whom he or she would like to stay, but this is taken into account only when the child has reached a considerable age.

Any judgment given by the judge is influenced by information they seek from a number of resources regarding the particular case. The parent’s situation also plays a vital role in the decision taking of the child’s custody. The judge has to make sure that the decision is not detrimental to the child’s interests; it is hence that the court may even conduct background checks on the parents in order to ensure the safe custody of the child.